Kindly examine the Terms & Conditions before using By going through the section and by using the website, you abide by these conditions. If you differ with any of these, you will not be liable to use the site for booking. All inquiries concerning your booking and customer service should be forwarded to, 38 Riding House Street, London W1W 7ES, United Kingdom |
A 'booking' means that a product which you have ordered from our website is approved by us. The approval will be made by with an agreement and verification inserted when the sum is paid in full. Every service and merchandise on/from the site is purely subjected to accessibility.
In relation to airfares, there are added terms that are adjoined to that particular fare. For example, the 'economy constrained’ air ticket is generally non-refundable and non-changeable. Please bear this in mind that failure to embark on the departing flight could debar the ticket entirely. For passengers boarding an international flight, please check-in at the airport 2 hours before your departure; and 90 minutes prior to board any domestic flight. Some airlines do require verification 72 hours before travelling. On failure to confirm your travel with the airline, your flight can be terminated as most airlines hold the authority to modify and cancel bookings. offer ample support through customer service and they are not answerable for making changes or cancellations. To authenticate your seat request, you are requested to check-in as early as possible. We do not have any right over seat allocation and cannot assure your choice of seats during travel. bears no accountability for any cost regarding airport transfer that emerges. A direct flight may not permit you to change your aircraft during the journey. So, flights offering special fares/best price may not acquire a direct route. However, your flight may halt for refuelling or allowing passengers to board or de-board the flight.
The timing of outbound flights is managed on the 24-hour time frame that varies according to the flight schedule, the type of aircraft and climatic circumstances. The times allotted specify the number of hours a flight takes and they are given for guidance only. Rules and regulations regarding pregnancy differ according to the airlines, but travelling is prohibited for women who are in their 28th week or more. For additional clarifications, kindly verify with the appropriate airline or seek advice from your doctor. Infants must be 6 weeks or older for air travel and should either sit on an adult's lap or take up an infant seat. For details regarding suitable seats, kindly speak to the airline you would board. Commonly, infants aging 2 years or more should occupy a seat.
A direct flight stops along the way for refuelling, while other passengers de-board and others board. Furthermore, an agenda with connecting flights requires passengers to change their aircraft at a midpoint airport, which moat probably can be in a different terminal or on a different airline.
A non-stop flight departs from one airport to another without making any stoppages. Such flights are generally the quickest mode to travel from Point A to Point B, but few prominent airlines may charge for the expediency. Depending on the condition of your journey, the airfare of a non-stop flight may be worth the price obligated by the airlines.
The Best Price Guarantee is obtainable to customers who make a qualifying booking through the site. Nevertheless, the fares quoted are likely to change as a part of the agreement amid the travel company and the airlines. can alter fares, even prior to/or after the booking is confirmed. Once you have booked and full payment is made, the fare quoted is definite. We preserve the right to decline any booking made verbally. While making a group booking, you authenticate that you are accountable for all payments and by abiding these conditions; you are in conformity with the clauses.
While booking air tickets, a choice of paper ticket or e-ticket will be given to you. Kindly be noted that airlines have their own rules and regulations regarding e-ticketing. We are not responsible if you are not in agreement towards these terms and conditions and verify with the airline is strongly recommended.
We at completely entrust on the information that you supply, believing it to be accurate, hence, we cannot are not accountable for the loss of your paper tickets due to partial or incorrect information, that bears your name, address, phone and email address. You must inform us right away if you modify any of the information. Also verify that your given name on the passport is equivalent to the name on your ticket. Kindly note that we do not deliver paper tickets outside the UK. Please alert and direct us of any particular way to deliver the tickets to your flat/apartment with security, so that the needful can be done. If you do not receive your tickets, inform us instantly. If any other booking is pending through some other travel agent, then kindly inform us regarding the same before completing the booking. Some airlines may charge/follow a process for re-issuing lost tickets/delayed post. The charges depend on the airline you would embark on. In case you do not succeed in receiving your tickets within 7 working days, please contact us only if your flight plan for departure within this time. To avail cost recuperation of the air ticket after the 7 working days, we recommend you to contact us within 48 hours. On failing to contact us within 48 hours, any charges concerning the same shall be borne by you. You can trace the advancement of your delivery on the courier company's website using the allotted number given in the mail sent to you. In few exceptional situations, may not be accountable to reserve air tickets for confirmed bookings due to assorted restrictions beyond its control. In such cases, we will inform you within 48 hours of verification and organize a reimbursement or a different solution. If you opt for an alternate solution and it proves to be more pricey than your booking, you are liable to pay for the difference.
Your capability and process to terminate/amend your flight details and scheduling depends on the precise Travel Supplier's terms and conditions. For flight bookings, you can withdraw/amend/handle your bookings through telephonic calls on +44 (0) 0207 612 0505 or by e-mailing at In case of a 'no-show' for a flight that is scheduled (a no-show basically means that a user/passenger did not show up for the outbound flight, therefore he/she is considered a ‘no-show’) the tickets would be cancelled by the airline making it non-refundable. If you desire to modify a flight booking close to the departure day/time, we strongly advise you to contact and receive a written email confirmation for that alteration. On request for a modification to your flight booking, other than escalating the number of passengers, it would be necessary to compensate for an adjustment fee per person that will be notified at the time of change. We will further notify you of the change as per as the availability of seats. During booking a flight ticket the payment is fully paid, upon cancellation, we preserve the right to raise an administration fee atop airline charges. Some airlines may believe a name change as a cancellation, and will not refund back your money. Since, the outbound flight was not boarded, the return flight will be considered cancelled involuntarily by the airline, and the customer is not liable for a refund.
It's not viable to organize flights for expectant mothers who are at their 28th week of pregnancy at their return date to the UK. Such women should seek advice from their doctors whether to fly or not.
Regretfully, we must notify that some destinations may not be appropriate for the disabled. If you fall under this clause, we propose that you check if at all, that particular destination suits you or not.
We advise that you should reflect on taking out insurance at your own interest. It would help you to pay/incur substantial charges upon any cancellation. The policy should cover cancellation and even reduction for any grievance, infirmity, bereavement, joblessness and even jury service. You are at liberty for a 24-hour medical crisis and recovery in the UK and covering of medical expenses for illness, accidents and other atrocities suffered abroad.
All services and dealings from pertaining to flights and hotels are ATOL protected under the license number 3517 from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This means that you are protected against unlikely events and CAA ensures you are not marooned and your preparations will be carried out to reimburse your funds that you paid for an advance booking. holds the right to notify you for any alteration in your travel route or cancellation of your flight or hotel bookings. You can either prefer to acknowledge the fresh arrangements or accept a complete refund from us after we have completed your verification before travelling. The customer will not be accountable for any repayment/compensation if they forcibly cancel/make amendments to their flights/hotels as an effect of events beyond the control of the travel company which neither the company nor the travel suppliers can predict. Such events contain: war, terrorism, civil unrest, riots, health risks, weather conditions, health risks, technical problems with transport and any other parallel events.
Complete payment for all flights/hotels and related travel products is mandatory during booking. may give out your credit card details to the related travel supplier to finalize the booking procedure. Other than the payment methods declared on the website, we will not accept any other method; thereby, no responsibility will be taken for cash or cheques sent through the post. Before complete payment is made, or the relevant travel supplier is not obliged to issue/confirm any tickets or any travel documents. Nonetheless, you are liable for payments that have been agreed by the website for the flight fares and other travel products. is an IATA Ticketing Agent and your tickets for the scheduled flights will be sent to you within 24 hours of the payment being accepted. Payments can be made by all the major credit and debit cards as mentioned on the site. reserves the right to charge you any additional fees as per the requirements of the travel supplier in regard to the bookings paid through the credit card. You will be notified of the changes and charges at the time of booking. If your booking is being paid with a third party credit card, we require a written authorization by the card holder. To reduce credit card fraud cases, a thorough search of the card holder's information would be carried out.
If you pay by credit card, the payment for your air ticket may be taken directly by the airline. We are not liable for any price increase. Regarding Passport, Visa and Health Requirement, non-British citizens should consult the embassy of their destination country regarding any special documentation. does not accept liability for any failure that is not caused by anyone of our suppliers or agents. For any loss/failure by, the reimbursement will be limited to a maximum of the total price of the product/services in respect to the claim. For any queries/complaints, direct your needs to our customer service team.
We obtain hotel and accommodation star ratings from a selection of sources and present them as an all-purpose guide. However, these are not essentially the official local rating and you should be alert that standards can differ between hotels and accommodation of the identical class in various countries, and even in the same country. Various countries differ in standards; a 3star hotel in one particular country may not necessarily be equivalent to a 3star hotel in another. Numerous hotels and other accommodation, particularly in cities and chief resorts, contain conventions and conferences. Also, at definite times of the year, a few destinations have an incursion of groups such as students, associations or clubs. We do not have exclusive use of the properties featured on the Site. The hotels we attribute to are shared with guests from countless countries with diverse customs and traditions and of mixed age groups.
Commonly guests can check into a hotel or other accommodation around 3pm and check out between 11-12am, local time. However, local variances may apply. Should you require more precise timings, please contact Customer Services for further information.
There may be an additional charge for extra beds or cots, please contact Customer Services for additional information. Breakfast is not included unless otherwise stated. Some hotels may charge additional local taxes.